Killers from Space

A scientist who miraculously survives a horrible crash finds himself a pawn in a plot to invade the Earth.

Le lac des morts vivants

The undead rise from a European lake to punish a nearby town for a massacre held decades earlier.


Henry Frankenstein’s foray into new realms of science results in a monster he can not control.

Blood Beach

Some beaches have worse problems than just getting sand in your shoes…

The Undertaker and His Pals

An undertaker and the owners of a greasy spoon diner try to make ends meet by killing as many people as possible.


Mutant slugs menace a city’s populace.

The Ghoul

Various parties seek an Egyptologist’s treasure.


A monster stalks a research expedition.


A group of women desperate for a movie role find themselves targeted by a masked killer

The Flying Serpent

A mad archeologist uses a nightmare from the past to protect his secrets.

Dead & Buried

Visitors to the small town of Potter’s Bluff meet with a most unpleasant (and murderous) welcoming party.

Fire and Ice

A young warrior struggles to rescue a beautiful princess as an evil wizard plots to cover the world in ice.

Il gatto nero

A new movie based on an ancient Evil inspires the ancient Evil to commit acts of unspeakable horror. I think.

The Neanderthal Man

Professor Cliff Grove taps into his own primal side, transforming himself into an ape-like killer.

The Ape

A doctor, desperate to save a young woman he considers a daughter, goes to murderous lengths to see her well again.

The Food of the Gods

What should have been a restful retreat turns into a life-or-death battle against giant insects and rodents.

Empire of the Ants

A land development scam goes wrong when it turns out the land already has owners: giant ants

The Nightmare Never Ends

Claire Hansen’s nightmares about demons and devils foreshadow her own half-assed battle with the forces of Evil.

The Black Cat (1934)

Opening Thoughts Date: 1934 Stars: Boris Karloff Bela Lugosi David Manners Writer: Edward G. Ulmer Peter Ruric Director: Edward G. Ulmer WRC Score: 4/4 (-_-)b Note:  First posted in a different form on July 18, 2013 Our film today is The Black Cat, a 1934 Universal Horror classic. It is also an important historic film as…

Jaws of Satan

Also Called: King Cobra Date: 1981 Stars: Fritz Weaver Gretchen Corbett Jon Korkes Writer: Gerry Holland Director: Bob Claver WRC Score: 2/4 Note:  First posted in a different form on September 10, 2012 Opening Thoughts Here’s the skinny. I pick movies to cover at this site by whim and whim alone.  Sometimes because I’ve never seen it before,…

Friday the Thirteenth: Part 2

Opening Thoughts Date: 1981 Stars: Amy Steel John Furey Adrienne King Writer: Ron Kurz Director: Steve Miner WRC Score: 2/4 Note:  First posted in a different form on January 18, 2014 And here we go again, back to Crystal Lake. With this film we finally meet that loveable lug Jason Voorhees. He isn’t quite right yet…

Friday the 13th

Date: 1980 Stars: Betsy Palmer Adrienne King Jeannine Taylor Writers: Victor Miller Director: Sean S. Cunningham WRC Score: 2/4 Note:  First posted in a different form on May 29, 2012 Before we start, let me tell a couple of things. First off, I’m not a fan of Slasher movies. At all. Don’t get me wrong, I watch them. But…


Opening Thoughts Date: 1970 Stars: John Carradine Joi Landsin Judy Jordan Writers: Robert F. Slatzer James Gordon White Director: Robert F. Slatzer WRC Score: 2/4 (-_-)p Note:  First posted in a different form on June 10, 2012 Here’s a movie that used to appear all the time on television, back in my fabled youth, that now has seemed to…

The Snow Creature

Opening Thoughts Date: 1954 Stars: Paul Langton Leslie Denison Teru Shimada Writer: Myles Wilder Director: W. Lee Wilder WRC Score: 1.5/4 (-_-)p Note:  First posted in a different form on September 17, 2011 What does Frankenstein (1910), The Werewolf (1913), and The Snow Creature have in common? Besides being all in black and white, I mean….

The Contraption

Opening Thoughts Date: 1977 Stars: Richard O’Brien Charlotte Cornwell Writer: James Dearden Director: James Dearden WRC Score: 3.5/4 (-_-)b Note:  First posted in a different form on September 26, 2014 Here’s an interesting change of pace: a Whale review for a Minnow movie. The Contraption is a short film shot in 1977.  It has only one set, one…

Daikaijû Gamera

Opening Thoughts Also Called Gammera the Invincible Giant Monster Gamera Gamera Date: 1965 Stars: Eiji Funakosi Harumi Kiritachi Yoshiro Uchida Writer: Nisan Takahasi Director: Noriaki Yuasa WRC Score: 1.5/4 Note:  First posted in a different form on September 14, 2009 Daikaijû Gamera/Giant Monster Gamera is one of a whole slew of movies cashing in on the…

La tumba de los muertos vivientes

Opening Thoughts Also Called: Oasis of the Zombies Treasure of the Living Dead Oasis of the Living Dead Date: 1983 Stars: Manuel Gélin Henri Lambery France Lomay Writer: Jesús Franco Director: Jesús Franco WRC Score: 2/4 (-_-)p Note:  First posted in a different form on July 6, 2011 A little history here. La tumba de los…

La notte che Evelyn uscì dalla tomba

Opening Thoughts Also called: The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave Date: 1971 Stars: Anthony Steffen Marina Malfatti Enzo Tarasio Writers: Massimo Felisatti Fabio Pittorru Emilio Miraglia Director: Emilio Miraglia WRC Score: 0/4 Note:  First posted in a different form on July 6, 2008 I distinctly remember vowing never to see this movie again. Why,…

The Dark Crystal

Opening Thoughts Date: 1982 Voices: Stephen Garlicl Lisa Maxwell Billie Whitelaw Writer: David Odell Directors: Jim Henson Frank Oz WRC Score: 4/4 Note:  First posted in a different form on March 27, 2015 The Dark Crystal, for me, is one of those movies. The kind of film you watch over and over with the same love…

Friday the 13th (2009)

Opening Thoughts Date: 2009 Stars: Jared Padalecki Danielle Panabaker Amanda Righettie Writers: Damian Shannon Mark Swift Director: Marcus Nispel WRC Score: 2/4 It’s not surprising that the Father of the Modern Slasher film was remade. What is surprising, to a degree, was how long it took to get made at all. See, originally Friday the…


Opening Thoughts Also Called: Cathy’s Curse Date: 1977 Stars: Alan Scarfe Beverely Murray Randi Allen Writers: Myra Clêment Eddy Malton Alain Sens-Cazenave Director: Eddy Matalon WRC Score: 2.5/4 (-_-)p Note:  First posted in a different form on July 18, 2013. On the subject of Cauchemares I have very little to say.  Which is an odd thing…