Quatermass and the Pit

Also Called: Five Million Years to Earth Date: 1967 Stars: James Donald Andrew Keir Barbra Shelly Writer: Nigel Kneale Director: Roy Scott Baker WRC Score: 4/4 (-_-)b Quatermass and the Pit (also known as Five Million Years to Earth) tells the tale of a scientific discovery found during construction of a subway.  What scientists learn there…

Killers from Space

Date: 1954 Stars: Peter Graves James Seay Steve Pendleton Writer: William Raynor Director: W. Lee Wilder WRC Score: 1.5/4 Note:  First posted in a different form on July 27, 2012 A plane crash with two occupants turns up only one body.  Hours later, the second occupant turns up alive and well, save for two new scars….