The Wanderer Updates

The Wanderer tries to put up a review or essay at least once a day, with a Whale falling on a Friday.  Double Days (the second, the eleventh, and the twenty-second) should have two posts, but not necessarily two of the same type, and not necessary reviews.

Failing that, the Wanderer tries to put one up once a month, somewhere around the twentieth, right when the guilt sets in.

Failing that, the Wanderer tries to put up a review when the need hits him.

Failing that, the Wanderer spends a lot of time staring at a mirror, berating himself for being a failure of a human being.  But don’t worry.  He’ll be doing this last part even if he keeps his schedule.

If you have any question on whether the site has updated for the week, the Main Page should always have the most current five posts listed at the top, with news and trailers posted below.


Discussing Speclutive Films. The Good. The Bad. The UNMENTIONABLE.

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