The Wanderer’s Score System

During the considering process each review gets (and yes, the reviewer does consider each review, shut up), the Wanderer gives a certain amounts of points to a film based on the following criteria:

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Now, what do things like “good”, “mediocre” and “bad” mean? Subjectively, whether the Wanderer feels the story is successfully told. Things like special effects, directing, acting, and the like might come into play, but the Wanderer is a writer first and foremost, despite the near constant spelling/grammatical gaffes, and that’s where his knowledge lies. More often than not the writing will be what is judged.

Obviously (or not) the “loved”, “meh”, and “hated” refer to the Wanderer’s own feelings towards a film.  Just because a film is “great” doesn’t mean he actually likes it.  Also note that just because the Wanderer loves a film doesn’t mean it gets recommended. His tastes are his tastes. And sometimes those tastes are… odd.

Further more, the Wanderer is perfectly in his rights not to have to defend his bad taste.  Or good taste.  Depending.

Reasonable disagreement is something the Wanderer appreciates, but please realize that odds are good he will not change scores based on such debate. Also please realize that he reserves the right to change his stance when he feel like it. Which may or may not have a good reason for happening.



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