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Welltun Cares Reviews is the Wanderer’s place to discuss movies. No more, no less. This is in no way a professional site. The reviewer makes no money with his work here. All this places is for is improving his writing, singing praises of good films, and venting his spleen against bad films.

He does hope that you, the reader, find it entertaining and worth while.

Note that the Wanderer knows very little about the art of Acting or Directing. His last experience at Acting happened when he was in the fifth grade; there were complaints. Directing he has never attempted, but he has always wanted to.

Actually, no, he hasn’t. That was a little joke.

What isn’t a joke, and where the Wanderer is coming from, is the position of Writing and Story. The Wanderer humors himself in thinking he knows more than a bit about that. And it is through this knowledge that he intends to approach the films talked about on this site. Make no mistake, he will from time to time talk about Acting and Directing; he is nothing if not opinionated. It’s just not where he’s expertise lies and he is aware of that fact.

Also note that from time to time the reviews may stray towards series television and other things not quite on the manifest. It’s a burden, he knows, but he figures it’s his site, he can do what he wants.

Silly Wanderer.



Discussing Speclutive Films. The Good. The Bad. The UNMENTIONABLE.

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