Without Warning

Jack Palance
Martin Landau
Tarah Nutter

Lyn Freeman
Daniel Grodnik
Bennett Tramer
Steve Mathis

Greydon Clark
WRC Score:

Two couples head out into the woods for a little fun, but end up stalked by a murderous menace that strikes… Without Warning.

Actually there really is some warning, but I couldn’t resist that sentence even if I tried.

What we have here is one of the best low budget Science Fiction flicks I’ve seen in a long while.  And yeah, it’s Sci Fi; while the alien is kept hidden for most of the flick his little killer disks are clearly out of this world, and wonderfully realized (save in flying sequences where you can clearly see the wire spinning it.)

It’s got it all.  Honest to God good acting, with the cast not being blinding outshone as with a lot of these things.  Best of all, you get two great off-kilter performances by Martin Landau and the one and only Jack Palance.

The plot movies at a decent pace and did quite go the directions I expected.  I will also say that the female protagonist was a bit whinier than I’m used to, but not unreasonably so.

Really, a great movie (2 Points).  Loved it to death (2 points.)

Score: 4 points out of a possible 4 



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