The Power

Suzy Stokey

Warren Lincoln

Lisa Erickson

Stephen Carpenter
Jeffrey Obrow 

Stephen Carpenter
Jeffrey Obrow

WRC Score:

A series of small Aztec idols cause horrible problems in The Power.

Or maybe there was just two idols.

Sure there wasn’t only the one.

But don’t hold me to that.


We can’t always say what will work for us and what won’t.  I’ve experienced various forms of entertainment that I went in expecting to like only to find myself disappointed without knowing quite why.  We think we know our standards, but sometimes those standards are different than we expect.

A word way of saying that  The Power worked for me.   I felt an emotional charge and connection with the characters.  I didn’t want to see horrible things happen to them.  I don’t know why this is, as if anyone deserved horrible things to happen to them it’s these characters.  They only had one brain cell between the lot of them, and one of them lost the cell.

These people are dumb.  One character sees another character has been impaled upon a flagpole after using The Power, and runs right out to get himself some of that action.  At no point does anyone do anything more than the bare minimum to fetch the cops, even when the bare minimum is leaving the place where the bad things are happening.  And the ultimate solution to the problem really should have occurred to them within the first five minutes of having to deal with this mess.

And yet there still was a degree of frission.  The Power does seem to have some really good, effective moments.  Once you get through the two prologues to get to them.

i’m not kidding.   There are two prologues that don’t seem to have any real connection to the bulk of the film.

Also lacking in connection are things like logic and reason.  Especially with The Power itself, which kills for no apparent reason.  One guy wasn’t anywhere near the thing and he’s still killed by it.  For what end?  A “scary” scene?  Who can say?

The Power is unquestionably a bad flick (0.5 points).   That I liked it (1.5 points) doesn’t really say much, as I like a lot of bad films.  Some even worse than this one.

That it worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for you.  However, there’s nothing here that gives me the feeling I should warn people off.  Give it a shot.  Maybe it’ll turn out to be a nice little time killer, or the next subject for a riffing party.

You never know.

Score: 2 points out of a possible 4



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