Jaws 3

Also Called:
Jaws 3-D
Dennis Quaid

Bess Armstrong

Simon MacCorkindale


Richard Matheson
Carl Gottlieb

Joe Alves
WRC Score:

 3Sc points

The children of Martin Brody try to start life anew after two disastrous ocean related incidents. Unfortunately these attempts aren’t far enough from the water, as soon swimming death makes a third attempt at claiming them.

Which shouldn’t come as a shock, as this is call Jaws 3 and not The Happy Life of the Brodys.

Let me get this right out of the way:  I love this movie.  Love.  It.  I’ve watched it more than the original.  It is a fun, fun, fun movie.

Too bad it’s not a very good one.

Oh, the acting’s fine.  Too many pros involved for it to be any other way.

Directing and script, however, eh, not so much.

The film’s not scary.  Not in the least.  Doesn’t help that it’s a 3-D movie filled with “Hey, let’s throw something in the audience’s faces, give ’em a jump” moments.

Worse, anyone whose watched Shark Week probably groans their way through the shark bits.  Sharks that can swim backwards?  Roaring sharks?  Really?

Still, in it’s defense, it doesn’t waste much of the viewers time, and, again, I think it’s a load of fun.

Heading back to the obligatory scoring, I’d call this one a mid-way film (1 points).  I know, I know, it really should be mediocre, but I think it does enough of it’s job.  It entertains.  It may not scare, it may have special effect moments that stagger the imagination, but if you come at it in the spirit of Bad Movies (perhaps even MST3K or Rifftracks) you should be fine.

Oh, and did I mention I love this movie (2 points)?



I have no taste.  No taste at all.

Score: 3 points out of a possible 4


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