The Undertaker and His Pals

Opening Thoughts

Warrene Ott

James Westmoreland

Marty Friedman
T.L.P. Swicegood
T.L.P. Swicegood
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First posted in a
different form on
August 10, 2012

Few people stop to think about it, but Comedy and Horror live next door to each other.  In fact, they go about the same sort of jobs.  One that tries to get a certain response out of the audience.  Laughter from Comedy, screams from Horror.  They’re so close, in fact, they are almost brothers.

(Tragedy, incidentally, is on the same street, working a similar beat, pretending he doesn’t know either of these jokers.)

You’d think the two of them wouldn’t get along, that they’d be polar opposite.  Never friends.

Yet now and then the two of them have parties together.  Sometimes they’re even fun parties.

However, more often than not (say 90% of the time), these parties are a tedious affair.

Here’s the thing.  When Horror is bad, he can be quite the card.  People can laugh at him and walk away relatively pleased they met him.  In fact, odds are very good that this will happen, unless he’s really, really dull that day.

But Comedy?  No.  When he isn’t funny, he’s nothing.  He’s a bore.  Nobody likes Comedy when his jokes drop flat.

Which leads us to The Undertaker and His Pals.


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