La chiesa

Also Called:
The Church
Hugh Quarshie

Tomas Arana

Feodor Chaliapin Jr.
Dario Argento

Franco Ferrini

Michele Soavi

and others
Michele Soavi
WRC Score:

La chiesa (also known as The Church) is another in a long line of stories dealing with Medieval Knights only half solving a problem, forcing modern day folks to deal with the supernatural fall out centuries down the road.  You know.  Typical real life stuff.

Or, if you want a better little synopsis, a greedy librarian uncovers a secret in an old cathedral that he really shouldn’t have.

Anyway, La chiesa started out life as the second sequel to the Horror Cl– film.  Horror film Demoni.  However Director Michele Soavi wanted to do something different.  Something that wasn’t “pizza schlock”, a term which, despite my liking the two films, is entirely too apt.

What he got instead is what I feel to be one of the better Italian Horror flicks.  Like most in the subgenre,  the flick has more style to it than substance.  What narrative structure it has goes to pieces around the half way mark, but by then, I think the mood and imagery carries the viewer through the rest of the way.  Plus, if I can be allowed one small spoiler, the story short of covers this, too, so it might have been intentional.

La chiesa is not without flaws.   The (dubbed) acting isn’t the best and the special effects aren’t quite golden.  Still, I believe it hits its marks more often than not and is a damn good movie (1.5 points).  I really kind of liked it (1.5 points).

You’re mileage may vary.  especially if you have no use for Italian Horror.

Score: 3 points out of a possible 4



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