Godmonster of Indian Flats

Opening Thoughts

Christopher Brooks
Stuart Lancaster
E. Kerrigan Prescott
Fredric Hobbs
Fredric Hobbs
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First posted in
a different form
on March 8, 2010

From the moment I heard of Godmonster of Indian Flats (here after called Godmonster) I knew I had to see it. A movie about a Giant Mutant Sheep? Oh God, it had to be a sight to see!

I even came close to buying it one day.  Had the DVD in my hands. And then slipped it back on the shelf.

Always wondered if that was a mistake. Always doubted the wisdom of that choice.

Then I rented the movie from Netflix and found out I hadn’t wasted my money.  For once.

Of course, I wrote a review of the film, and with that thought about it no more.

Until I decided to reboot my site.  To rework and sort of condense things.

Boy, do I wish I had that disk now.

No, not really.

On the following pages waits my viewing of the film.  Back in the day (as now) I wrote it while watching the film for the full effect of the experience.  Six years on I’ve done a wee bit of pruning to streamline things.  A practice I find a little questionable (I sure as hell couldn’t make myself do this for a lot of the reviews I’ve rebooted) but what can you do?

My big fear is that I make this sound better than it is.  I sure as hell couldn’t make it any worse.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. student_20 says:

    You ought to check out the recent Kiwi (err… New Zealander) film Black Sheep for all your mutant sheep movie needs. Trust me – it’s a lot better than Godmonster (which I completely agree with your review on, by the way…)

  2. I had Black Sheep on DVR, but it was erased before I could watch it.

    Hell, I could have just watched the trailed and had a better time than with Godmonster….

  3. student 20 says:

    Oh, you really should hunt Black Sheep down. In its own very strange way, it’s kind of like the Howling, except with better acting, special effects, likable characters, and a good sense of humor.

    Or, at least that’s what I think.

    And yes – the trailer for Godmonster almost has to be better than the film itself, if for no other reason than its brevity.

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