The Giant Gila Monster

Don Sullivan

fred Graham

Lisa Simone
Jay Simms
Ray Kellogg
WRC Score:

This is the story about a young man, struggling to make his way in the world.  Working as a mechanic, he saves up money to build his hot rod and care for his ailing sister.  All the time he’s threatened by the richest man in town.

Oh, and there’s a giant gila monster crawling around killing people.  But who wants to see that, in a movie called The Giant Gila Monster?

Well, me.

And perhaps everyone who paid good money to see this flick.

I mean, there are nice long stretches of no monster action here.  And when you do see the monster (a rather bored looking beaded lizard) there hardly seems any connection to the people around it.  It’s not totally removed from the plot, but sometimes it sure felt that way.

There’s also a disconnect in places, between the tragedy the monster causes and Our Hero’s busy life.  Sets a bit wrong with me, especially towards the climax.

Outside of that, it’s about as well put together as you can expect a B-movie to be.  The acting ranges from professional to awful (sadly the female lead hits the latter category).  What effects it has are quite obvious in realization (miniatures, miniatures, and the occasional monster gloved hand).  I hesitate to put it in the mediocre end of things; call it one of the better Bad Movies (0.5 points).

For all my carping, I rather enjoyed the flick (1.5 points).  Maybe not enough to watch again (though I need to if I’m doing a longer review) but enough to say I wasn’t sorry I wasted my time.


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