The Amazing Transparent Man

Marguerite Chapman Douglas Kennedy James Griffith

Jack Lewis
Edgar G. Ulmer
WRC Score:
First posted in a
different form on
October 3, 2014

An escaped con discovers his benefactors expect him to pay a price for his freedom.  The cost?  To occasionally become The Amazing Transparent Man!

Hey, it’s our old buddy Edgar G Ulmer!  It’s been quite the span of time for him between this film and our previous guest, The Black Cat.   And a heaping span of quality, too, come to that.

Though, honestly it’s not remotely fair to compare the two films.  He doesn’t have two titans on set, after all.

Still, the actors he does have here on The Amazing Transparent Man are decent enough, and Ulmer is still a good director.  Where things fall down (as is too often the case) is with the script.  Too many plot holes lets the deal fall down in a major way.

So instead of another classic, we have a low point.  Not a scraping of barrel bottoms–nowhere near–but not a good film either.  (1 point).

Bear in mind as you read this is that after enjoying watching The Amazing Transparent Man, I found it less worthy on reflection (1 point). You might have a better go at it, so if you don’t have anything better to do with your time, give it a gander.

Overall Score: 2 total points out of a possible 4


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