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February 4, 2012

I don’t want to hate movies.

Really.  I don’t.  I’m like a normal person in many ways.  I enjoy being happy and relatively pleasant.  Sometimes I even like speaking kindly to people, though I make sure to keep that to a bare minimum.

Sad to say, though, is that some flick really dig at the tender bits beneath the fingernails.  They dig and dig, then they dig some more.  And when you ask ever so politely for them to cut it the hell out, they bring out the lemon juice to squirt up and in.

Slugs makes those flicks look like they aren’t even trying.

So I look at that score, that 0.5, and I frown.  I frown a lot.  It should be a ZERO, I think.  Maybe even a minus one.  After all, the story breaks down so bad towards the end, and it wasn’t doing all that great to begin with.

And yet Slugs does hold together tolerably well in places.  As I believe a zero score has to be scraping the ground beneath the bottom of the barrel, it squeaks by.


With the greatest of reluctance.

So why is it I dislike this movie so?   Let’s go to the next page, shall we, and watch as one man goes from being relatively well pleased to actively shouting at the screen.

Don’t know why I do that.  They never listen…


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