The Ghoul

Opening Thoughts

Boris Karloff

Cedric Hardwicke

Emest Thesiger
Rupert Downing

Ronald Pertwee

John Hastings Turner
T. Hayes Hunter
WRC Score:
First posted in a
different form on
November 12, 2011

Most won’t care, but here’s my mindset going into this one:

Five years and two review formats ago I had just completed a review on Octaman, and that flick hit me like a hammer. I didn’t want to review movies after that. I didn’t want to watch movies period. What I wanted to do I didn’t know, but not that.

Well there was a little problem. NaNoWriMo looms once again, and experience taught that little gets done in the way of extra writing during that. While this site had gone fallow in the past (and no doubt will again), at the time I wanted to keep a run going.  Thus I’d worked on a nice buffer of posts. Up to Octaman.

Which, if you notice the note, hit in the midst of November.

You know what the problem is with a buffer of posts? It decreases with each update.

Thus, to keep up the buffer, I needed a film. One that I could count on not to hurt me too bad.

Which was the reason behind picking this film. While not considered a true classic, The Ghoul has never had the stench of badness that some films possessed. Plus it had Boris Karloff in it. How bad could it be?

Don’t… don’t start, okay? Let’s turn the page and see what we shall see…


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