Mil gritos tiene la noche

Also Called:


Christopher George Lynda Day George  Frank Braña

Dick Randall

Joe D’Amato
Juan Piquer Simón
WRC Score:

First posted in a
different form on
April 4, 2014

Mil gritos tiene la noche (also called Pieces, which is how I’m going to call it from here) tells the sad story of a little boy trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle.  Specifically a pornographic one.  His mother catches him in the act and stops him from finishing, causing him to go murderously insane.  Years later, he resumes trying to finish the puzzle.  This time using real girls as pieces…

Sounds kind of interesting, put like that.

Don’t let that fool you.  Pieces is a film that manages to make the Friday the 13th series look like works of Shakespeare. Calling the characters cardboard would be complementary. The acting can be referred to as acting for maybe three actors; the rest… no. Not so much. Though in fairness they were all most likely dubbed.

Tellingly there doesn’t seem to any real effort for story telling. While the nonsensical plot flows from point to point better than some films I could mention, Pieces bogs down with pointless, out-of-the-blue scenes. More thought went into the murders than anything else, and without characters to care about or, really, much style at all and the whole thing’s a lost cause. (0 points)

Some might find a degree of entertainment value making fun of Pieces, but the sleaze and general misogyny on display here (more so than what might be expected in this type of flick) just puts it beyond the pale for me. You know your own tolerances better than I, but I believe few will enjoy this flick. Thus it isn’t recommended.

Overall Score: 0 total point out of a possible 4 (-_-)p


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