Jeff Morrow

Barbara Lawrence John Emery
Lawrence L. Goldman
Kurt Meumann
WRC Score:
First posted in a
different form on
January 10, 2014

A mysterious craft arrives on Earth arrives on Earth and let’s loose an alien that leap frogs from body to body, taking possession of its current host and killing its former victim.  Meantime, an “asteroid” comes speeding towards Earth.

Coincidence?  Or the arrival of Kronos?

A little hard to write a spoiler free opening.  Especially since every poster in existence reveals Kronos in all its glory,

Worse, it’s all in effort of protecting a what amounts to a standard Giant Monster movie.

Still, it’s got good acting and Kronos is definitely unique looking in the annals of movie history.  The script does have issues enough to keep it from being a good film, but it could have been a lot worse (1 point). Fans of this sub-genre might find it worth watching at least once. I know I enjoyed it and will probably watch it again in future. (1.5 points)

Overall Score: 2.5 total points out of a possible 4


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