Night of the Cobra Woman

Joy Bang

Marlene Clark

Roger Garrett
Kerry Magness Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer
WRC Score:
First posted in a
different form on
August 13, 2023

A young researcher seeks out a rare cobra venom in the Philippines.  What she finds instead is BOREDOM!  PURE, UNADULTERATED BOREDOM!

Oh wait.  That was me.

What she found amounts to the Night of the Cobra Woman.  Or, honestly, nights.  With a woman who’s turning into a cobra.

Which sounds like it might be interesting, doesn’t it?

Now where was I?

Oh yes.


I can’t stress that enough.

Night of the Cobra Woman is a film without purpose.  It moves from one plot point to the next without a course or wind to guide it.  Without this purpose it ends up with a boring story, boring characters, and a bored audience.

There’s a very real sense that huge chunks of the narrative are missing, perhaps never even put into script form.  This is a terrible, terrible movie, without a hint of style or substance to save it.  (0 points.)

This film is probably the worst I’ve seen since… well, it hasn’t been that long, sadly, but let’s let the comment stand.  I had no idea how good I was having it before watching this.  I wish I had never seen this flick and will not make the mistake of watching it a second time. (0 points)

Bad movie connoisseurs beware of this turkey.  It may well test your limits.  I know it did mine.  I neither recommend nor not recommend out of fear of encouraging someone from having a horrible time.  More than I just already did, natch.


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