Le lac des morts vivants

Howard Vernon

Pierre-Marie Escourrou

Jesús Franco
Jean Rollins
WRC Score:

First posted in a
different form on
February 22, 2013

Men in bad green face paint pretend to come out of a lake to dribble fake blood on–

Wait.  I was supposed to be taking this flick seriously?  Really?  Have you seen–


Okay, then.  Undead soldiers play hob upon the populace of a small town in Le lac des morts vivants (also known as Zombie Lake.)

Now in the interest of fairness (and we all want to be fair here),  I’ve seen worse Zombie movies in my life.  I think.  Names aren’t springing readily to mind.  But I’m sure sooner or later they’ll come.

Of course, that’s assuming you can call Le lac des morts vivants a Zombie movie.  The name doesn’t quite pop up and they don’t quite act the way you expect a Zombie would.

Then again, you can pretty much say that about everyone else in this flick. Le lac des morts vivants is a terrible, terrible movie.  Acting, plot, script, make up, you name it, they muck it up.   About all it has going for it is that it is sheer awful (0 points).

Le lac des morts vivants might make a decent night’s riffing for some, but I found it too dull myself (0.5 points). I don’t recommend you watching it, but you know you best.

It’ll help if you watch the nudity packed version. You’ll know which one you’re watching soon enough to bail, if need be…

Overall Score: 0.5 total point out of a possible 4 (-_-)p


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