Las garras de Lorelei

Also Called:
The Loreley’s Grasp

When the Screaming Stops

Tonny Kendall

Helga Liné

Silvia Tortosa
Amando de Ossorio
Amando de Ossorio
WRC Score:
First posted in a
different form on
August 3, 2012

Las garras de Lorelei tells the story of a hunter gets called into a German town in order to protect a girl’s school from a killer with a thing for human hearts.   What he doesn’t know is that he’s pitted against a monster.  One that has been doing this sort of thing for centuries…

Also known as The Loreley’s Grasp and When the Screaming Stops, Las garras de Lorelei is a borderline decent Monster Movie.  What holds it back is bad gore and more questions regarding plot than real answers.  As a spoiler-free example, just where in myth does the Lorelei appear as a beautiful woman who changes into a scaly horror?

For whatever faults it has, Las garras de Lorelei never quite moves into Bad Movie range for me (1 point).  That, of course, might be a subjective thing.  I rather liked the flick, in fact(1.5 points).

Not that you could tell this from reading the Whale version of this review.

Seriously, this is about as nice as I get towards it.

Funny what trips the compassionate switch and what doesn’t…

Overall Score: 2.5 total points out of a possible 4


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