My Bloody Valentine

Paul Kelman

Lori Hallier

Neil Affleck
John Beaird
George Mihalka
WRC Score:
First posted in a
different form on
February 16, 2013

My Bloody Valentine, in simplest form, sound very familiar.  In a small town, there was once a traditional dance that everyone loved.  But, due to a horrible tragedy, it hasn’t been held in years.   Until this year, when a group of youngsters decide the past the past and fun is fun.  Except someone doesn’t like the idea and is perfectly willing to kill people over it.

This is the exact sort of set up The Prowler has, and it’s deeply interesting (at least to me) how two films can take a similar premise and come up with two completely different films.

And that’s not because one’s set in a mine and the other isn’t.  With The Prowler I found the main characters likable, while the ones featured in My Bloody Valentine…  Let’s be nice and say less agreeable.

We’ll leave the comparisons between the two at that, as it’s just an interesting thing, rather than any sort of negative.  Both films do their job quite well.  I haven’t seen the unrated version of My Bloody Valentine, but the R version holds together quite well and is well worth seeking out (1.5 points).

I like My Bloody Valentine quite a bit (1.5 points) and just this little rewriting here makes me want to seek it out.  Hell, not a big gore guy, but I might even go unrated.  Or even… Well…  Maybe not far enough to see the remake.  But at least consider it.

If you’re looking for a Slasher movie to watch, you could do MUCH worse than watching My Bloody Valentine.

Overall Score: 3 total points out of a possible 4


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