Fire and Ice

Opening Thoughts

Randy Norton

Cynthia Leake

Steve Sandor
Roy Thomas

Gerry Conway
Ralph Bakshi
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First posted in
a different form
on August  14, 2011

It’s a well known fact that Hollywood goes by trends.  If Movie X does well at the box office, then you can expect a whole bunch of Flick Ys to com trotting out in the near future, hoping to catch the same lightning in a different (yet not too different) bottle.

Hence the existence of Fire and Ice, hoping to catch a little Conan the Barbarian Magic.

And they tried very hard indeed. Character designs for this flick were by Frank Frazetta, who’s art adorned many a Conan volume.  One of the writers, a rascal by the name of Roy Thomas, worked for years at Marvel Comics adapting and (if I’m not mistaken) coming up with new stories for the barbarian.  Short of a Ouija board and an honest to God medium I don’t know how you could have done better.

In fact, of the imitators, it probably had the best chance of hitting the mark.  The question remains: did it?

Let’s see.  On the next page, walls of Ice move ever closer the good lands of Fire…


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