Pharaoh’s Curse

Mark Dana

Ziva Rodann

Diane Brewster
Richard H. Landau
Lee Sholem
WRC Score:
First posted in a
different form on
March 31, 2012

Pharaoh’s Curse tells the tale of a wife trying to be reunited with her husband explorer in a war-torn Egypt.  When she gets there (finally, after a long stretch) she finds that he’s gone and cause the titular happenstance to happen.

One of the great joys of Movie Watching is discovering a seldom seen movie.  This happens to be one of them.  Never even heard of it before stumbling over it at a streaming service.

It seemed quite strange, as Pharaoh’s Curse had an interesting premise (a mummy movie with no mummy?  A vampire movie without an actual vampire?).  Watching it, I found nothing wrong with the acting.  And about 2/3 of the script was decent enough.

Unfortunately it happens to be the last 2/3.  The first 1/3  meanders pointlessly, wasting considerable time and good will.   Worse though, is the lackluster climax, of which I can say no more about.

So instead of a forgotten gem I found a forgotten flick, really no better or worse than its contemporaries (1 point).  Still, for all of its flaws, I kind of liked it (1.5 points).  Give it a watch when you’re in the mood for Fifties horror, but have seen all the good ‘uns.

Overall Score: 2.5 total point out of a possible 4


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