Michael Garfield

Kim Terry

Philip Terry
José Antonio Escrivá

Ron Gantman

Juan Piquer Simón
Juan Piquer Simón
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First posted in a
different form on
February 4, 2012


Mutant Slugs develop a taste for meat and begin stalking a city’s populace. Really. Not much to add here.

That said, Slugs is sort of a Bad Movie nexus.  Acting, writing, directing, a few good F/X, all swirl together to form one bad flick (.5 points).  It gets damn near incoherent in places.

In fairness, I’ve seen worse.  That said,  Slugs never reached the “so bad it’s good” level of terrible.  It’s especially hard going for me as I found most of the characters in it perfectly hateable.  The few I did like died horrible deaths.

Not the best way to endear me, as you might imagine.  (0 points)

To shorten a review that should be short to begin with, you can do better elsewhere.

Overall Score: .5 total point out of a possible 4

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