The Neanderthal Man

Opening Thoughts

Robert Shayne

Joyce Terry

Richard Crane
Aubrey Wisberg

Jack Pollexfen
Ewald André Dupont
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First posted in
a different form
on July 14, 2011

Walking into this one, I thought I was watching a rip-off of Monster on Campus.  To my vast amusement I find that this is the earlier film.  So beyond these comments and a brief one in the Viewing Experience, you won’t find a comparison to that… I hesitate to say “worthy”.  Let’s be polite and say “better film”, then move on.

You will notice as you go through the Viewing Experience a shift in tone.  I wrote and condensed while I watched, as has been my wont.  I find this gives a better window on my thoughts as I experience things than I have afterwards.  I tend to see things more… favorable in the moment.

This will become even clearer in the Thoughts After the Film.  I’m writing this opening before doing that section, and I find myself growing more and more angry with this film as I go.  Not for the first time does this second thought process provoke a negative response.

Now you might ask yourself, why is Cullen so angry?  Click on the next page, and let’s find out together.

Kind of.  Sort of.  Take it as a figure of speech and let us move on.


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  1. henrybrennan says:

    One of my all-time favorite “childhood crappy films” – Believe it or not, this was one of the few DVDs that I brought with me to the Philippines! That and the ever-popular “Return of Dracula” staring Francis Lederer. Oddly enough, I can download all of my all-time favorite films from online sources – so all of that agonizing (over which DVDs to bring) was for naught. Go figure…

    1. I can see it being a childhood favorite. I might have liked it too, had I seen it as a kid, instead of as a rant happy adult.

      Funny note: I was rereading this, looking for errors, and I noticed a heart beside Beverly Garland’s name (Let’s see if I can reproduce it here <3.) That was unintentional–Wordpress changes emoticons into graphics automatically for me and my footnote system bit me on the butt. At least it was mildly humorous this time. 🙂

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