The Ghoul

Boris Karloff

Cedric Hardwicke

Emest Thesiger
Rupert Downing

Ronald Pertwee

John Hastings Turner
T. Hayes Hunter
WRC Score:
First posted in a
different form on
November 12, 2011


In The Ghoul, the death of an Egyptologist starts a struggle by interested parties over a fabulous treasure.  Things become really interesting when the Egyptologist comes back to join in the fun.

Fun.  That’s the word for The Ghoul, up to a point.  An excellent example of Thirties Horror, it has good acting, spooky sets, a decent script, and Boris Karloff in what amounts to an extended cameo part. For this alone, one might consider it worth hunting down.

Where it drops the ball (and where I dare not reveal) is at the climax.  The end is, at best implausible.  At worst it’s maddening.  Thus, with great sorrow, I slip what could have been a good Horror flick into the mediocre files (1 point).

Such is life.

Still, I do like the movie (1.5 points).  Karloff is always watchable and, as I said, the cast is good.  You might wanna check it out; Cull Problems aren’t universal, after all.

Overall Score: 2.5 total point out of a possible 4

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