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October 29, 2011

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Small change of format.  Bear with me.

If classic monster movies are soda pops, then Octaman is flat Creature from the Black Lagoon. You have the expedition heading out to the middle of nowhere to catch a great find, you have the find finding them first,then becoming attached to the lead female, etc. etc. None of which should be surprising; the same guy who wrote Lagoon made this flick.

What sets the two apart is the terrible monster.  The bland acting.  The ever-present feeling of doom and despair, as if cast and crew suddenly realized that this as far as the career train was going and there was no other stops.  Which was sadly true; several actors involved died soon after.

Octaman is an awful flick (0 points). It does nothing for me, and I think it might even be a chore to sit through for the Bad Movie crowd.  I DON’T RECOMMEND you seeing it.

Overall Score: .5 (-) total point out of a possible 4 (-_-)p

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