John Vernon

Samantha Eggar

Linda Thorson
Robert Guza Jr.
Richard Ciupka
WRC Score:
First posted in a
different form on
October 1, 2011


Curtains details the true horrors of the movie scene.  A group of women brought out into the middle of nowhere by an eccentric, probably sadistic director, in the desperate hopes of getting the lead for his next film.

Perhaps too desperate.

Curtains is a mishmash of the visions of two very different directors. It has very little gory, a lot of unnecessary nonsense, and, surprisingly enough, a cast of characters you don’t want harm to come to.

Well, most of them.

Curtains has issues, true, but all in all it is superior Slasher fare (1.5 points). I liked it, but I’m not quite sure I’d ever watch it again (1.5 points). Instead of watching the usual Slasher cast of teens slaughtered by the usual Slasher suspects, you might just want to give this Slasher film a chance.

Overall Score: 3 total points out of a possible 4


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