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Scott Spiegel
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First posted in a different form on August 27, 2011

A closing market means everything in the store must go.  Prices will be slashed.  And so will the employees.  There’s an Intruder walking the aisles this evening, and nothing will be the same again.

Which is a description that can be used for most Slasher flicks.  But leave us not dwell upon such technicalities.

For the most of Intruder‘s run, things run smooth.  Not too terrible acting, some good scenes, and, if you like it, some gore all await the viewer.  Perhaps in enough quantities and qualities to satisfy.

My problem is that the moment Intruder reveals the killer, the flick turns to crap.  Really, really irritating.  Almost as bad as the ending itself.

But wasting Bruce Campbell in a small cameo?  Unforgivable!

Now this is a critic thing, and perhaps to a greater degree a Cullen thing.  You might not find irritating what I found irritating, you might think it better than a mediocre (1.0 points).  Then again, you might really dislike the little stylistic games the film makers play with the audience, as I did  (.5 points).

In any case, if you need a Slasher flick, seeking out another title would be the way to go.

Overall Score: 1.5 total point out of a possible 4

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