The Food of the Gods

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Marjoe Gortnor

Pamela Franklin

Ralph Meeker
Bert I, Gordon
Bert I. Gordon
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on July 15, 2010


H. G. Wells’ Food of the Gods, or, rather The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth, is a satirical novel detailing the invention of a substance that causes gigantism in various organisms, including, in time, Humans. It concludes with the start of a great war between the giants and the regular folk, one the giants seem destined to win.

Which isn’t even hinted at during the course of this flick.

In fact, if anything part of the book could be honestly said to be adapted here, it’s the first part, where a village finds itself forced to deal with giant wasps, chickens, and yes, rats. Of which little actually seemed to interest Wells.

And all of which interest Bert I. Gordon, King of the Superimposed Giant Monsters.

On the matter of if this was a good thing or not, I will let the reader decide for themselves. Me, I’ve never been able to finish the book. The movie, however, I love dearly, despite its problems.

And what problems are these? Well, turn the page and we’ll start the ball rolling.  A farm house in the woods has become the home of something… horrible…


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