Il gatto nero

Also Known As:

The Black Cat

Demons 6: De Profundis

Florence Guérin

Urbano Barberini

Caroline Munro
Luigi Cozzi
Luigi Cozzi
WRC Score:
First posted in
a different form
on July 19, 2011

My usual course of action here is to give a small spoiler free summary of the subject here in the opening paragraphs before moving on to the main review.  With Il gatto nero (which goes by so many more names that just The Black Cat) any summary I give you will give you the impression of a coherency this flick simply does.  Not.  Have.  The best I can do is call it a Horror “sequel” to Suspiria that’s about an attempt to make a “sequel” to Suspiria.  And not the actual sequel; that never gets mentioned.

Even without comparison to better works (which, for some reason, this flick repeatedly brings up) Il gatto nero would be a chore through. Bizarre cuts, bizarre plot, and bad acting, all the low points you expect from the very worst of Italian Horror. Il gatto nero is one awful movie (0 points), one  that I really didn’t like (.5 point).

Oh, and black cats have nothing to do with the plot. For the record.  Making us two for two in that regard.

You’ve been warned.

Overall Score: 0.5 total point out of a possible 4

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