The Ape

Boris Karloff

Maris Wrixon

Gene O’Donnell
Curt Sidomak

Richard Carroll
William Nigh
WRC Score:
First posted in
a different form
on April 11, 2011


The Ape is about a disgraced doctor struggling to save the life of a young woman he considers a daughter.  His efforts will lead him to a dark place he might never come back from.

Oh, and there’s a killer ape involved.  Because it was the Forties and you could hardly swing around a stick in a Mad Scientist movie back then without hitting one.

I don’t review enough Boris Karloff films.  Actually, there’s a lot of actors I can say that about, but Karloff!  He set a bar few can reach.  Sometimes without saying a word at all.

With The Ape, Karloff plays lead, and does a great job making you feel for a man making the wrong choices for the right reasons.  Adding him in this is a script co-written by the great Curt Siodmak (The Wolf Man).  It makes you wish it was better than it actually is.

It isn’t.  The Ape is little more than yet another Karloff-as-Mad-Scientist film.  No better, no worse (1 point).  I enjoyed it as I watched, but not enough to say I liked it. (1 point).

The Ape something to watch when you can’t get a hold of better Karloff.  Or maybe when you’ve seen one gore flick too many and you want something a little more old-fashioned.  At an hour and two minutes, you won’t waste too much of your time with it, that’s for certain.

Overall Score: 2 total points out of a possible 4

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