Empire of the Ants

Joan Collins

Robert Lansing

John Davie Carson
Jack Turley
Bert I. Gordon
WRC Score:

First posted in
a different form
on July 9, 2010


Empire of the Ants tells a cautionary tale about trying to run a land development scam.  Namely make sure there are no giant ants living near by.  Otherwise you and your marks might be forced into a cross-country flight.

Bert I. Gordon is famous for his Giant Monster movies.  Or maybe infamous is the better word for it.  In any case, this is (currently) the last one he made.  And most likely the worst of the bunch.

Oh, the plot moves fluidly from place to place and the characters don’t grate nearly as bad as they could.  But that doesn’t mean any of them are good.  About the best you can say is that the acting is competent and the F/X could be worse.  Some how.

Just don’t let anyone with any knowledge of ants near it.

Comparing it to most classic Giant Monster Movies, this one’s terrible. However, comparing it to other Giant Monster Movies of the Seventies, it’s a decent enough flick. What does that mean?  I dunno.  I just got done ripping into it for the Whale review and am feeling charitable?


As I didn’t find myself hating or disliking it (1 point) I feel inclined to grant it an on the cusp mediocre (1 point). It really, really could have been worse.

That said, I’m sliding a NOT RECOMMENDED on at the end, cause I’m certain other viewers won’t feel as warmly to it as I do.

Overall Score: 2 points out of a possible 4 (-_-)p

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