Jaws of Satan

Also Called:

King Cobra

Fritz Weaver
Gretchen Corbett
Jon Korkes
Gerry Holland
Bob Claver
WRC Score:
First posted in a different form on September 10, 2012

Opening Thoughts

Here’s the skinny.

I pick movies to cover at this site by whim and whim alone.  Sometimes because I’ve never seen it before, sometimes because I’ve loved it for years.  Sometimes because I heard the flick was good, sometimes because I heard it was God awful.  I’ve even done reviews because of bad promises I made in the past.

With Jaws of Satan I picked it out because I didn’t have any J titles in my index.

This?  This is a dumb idea.  I knew it was a dumb idea when I did it.  I’d picked out a B title not long before it and wasn’t so much burned by the act as chard to a cinder.  We’ll talk about it another time.

In the case of Jaws of Satan, I’d already seen it in my far distant youth.  Seemed to like it, actually, though I couldn’t recall a detail.  Which, as we will see in the pages ahead, is a telling detail to say the least.

Shall we continue to the next page?


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