The Snow Creature

Opening Thoughts

Paul Langton

Leslie Denison

Teru Shimada
Myles Wilder
W. Lee Wilder
WRC Score:

First posted in a
different form on
September 17, 2011

What does Frankenstein (1910), The Werewolf (1913), and The Snow Creature have in common?

Besides being all in black and white, I mean.

Well, all three of them happen to be firsts. They are, in order, the first Frankenstein movie, the first Werewolf movie, and the very first Yeti movie.

Okay, okay, there also movies you wouldn’t associate with one another on a bet unless you were desperate for an opening to a review. Must there always be such bitterness between us?

Silliness aside, The Snow Creature didn’t just kicked off not only a spate of similar films in the fifties. It also started an entire sub-genre of films dealing with the Yeti and his cousin Big Foot. This sub-genre is, sad to say not very well-regarded.

There is a reason for this: Yeti/Big Foot movies aren’t very good.

But that’s a discussion for another day. What about our feature film? As you can see above, this particular reviewer didn’t care for it that much. If his reasons valid?

Let’s turn the page and see.


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