The Nightmare Never Ends

Also Called:


Satan’s Supper

Cameron Mitchell
Marc Lawrence
Faith Clift
Phillip Yordan
Phillip Marshak

Tom McGowan

Gregg C. Tallas
WRC Score:
First posted in
a different form
on July 29, 2009

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The Nightmare Never Ends (also known as Cataclysm and Satan’s Supper) tells the story of a woman who dreams of devils, a cop on the trail of an immortal Nazi, and an author who has the worst kind of fan.  All three are trapped in the same endless nightmare: that of being characters in a really bad movie.

So how is it bad?  How about a incoherent plot?  Bad acting?  Three directors without a script between them?  And the special effects!  Yeah. (.5 points)

This doesn’t  mean The Nightmare Never Ends has no charms, at least for the Bad Movie loving set.  For me, some poor story choices towards the end turned things sour for me.

On first reviewing this film almost seven years ago (my God how time flies) I disliked it, even going so far as stamping it with a NOT RECOMMENDED.  Since then I look back on it with a certain… not fondness but no real dislike, either.  Other films really stick with me far more than this one.  Thus I’m changing it to a more of a meh (1 point).

Of course, I could always finish rewatching the film.  Come at it from a new perspective.  But that would mean actually rewatching rest of the film and I really.



Take that into consideration, too, when thinking about watching this film.

Total: 1.5 points out of a total of 4.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. thestudent20 says:

    So, just wanted to let you know, I couldn’t love the new layout more.

    Also, is it weird that I actually kinda wanna watch this movie now?

    1. July 29 the Whale Review comes up, so y’might wanna wait until then for watching it. If it still sounds appealing (or if you simply must), youtube has it up for free (look for the Troma version.)

      If it influences your decision, the flick does feature TV’s Richard Moll in it as the author.

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