Friday the 13th: Part 2

Amy Steel

John Furey

Adrienne King
Ron Kurz
Steve Miner
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First posted in
a different form
on January 18, 2014


The Crystal Lake sage continues in Friday the 13th Part Two as a counselor training center gets training of the horrific kind by a masked man with an affinity for sharp objects.  Will anyone escape the slaughter?  Or are they all destined to get the point?

I am not proud of that last sentence.  Despite the fact it’s a beloved joke for me.  And will no doubt be used again on this site.


Now on to more serious things.

I’m rewriting this little minnow for the reboot, and I see the sentence “The second trip to Crystal Lake doesn’t work as well as the first.”  Which is vastly interesting as I’m pretty certain somewhere else on site I’ve proclaimed Friday the 13th Part Two “the Good One”.  What gives?

While the characters in this flick are a little less irritating to me than in its progenitor (fancy word alert: let’s race to our dictionaries to see if Cullen got it wrong again), they are still little more than cardboard cut outs. Added to this, there’s no real terror or horror involved. Just a series of Jump Scares that on reflection are almost insultingly dumb. When you add an inconclusive end to the mix, that’s makes for a bad movie (0.5 points).

However, and here’s the important part, as irritating as this movie got to me (and it did irritate me a great deal), I’m still rather fond of it.  Like it was an old friend. An old, really stupid, obnoxious, why the hell do I like this person kind of friend. (1.5 points).  You know the type.

And no, none of my friends think that of me.  Because I ain’t got no friends.  So neener neener neener.

As it stands, this is the pinnacle of the series for me.  I have yet to go ahead with the rest of the series (review wise), but if you have to watch one of the series and have never seen one before, Friday the 13th Part Two isn’t a bad one to start with.  A lot of the mythology, such as it is, comes into existence here.

Overall Score: 2 total point out of a possible 4

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Eric Waters says:

    So, yeah – the site is looking FANTASTIC. I’m loving the Minnow/Whale distinction and the clear posting and links thereto. This really is becoming my go-to review site for all things schlocky (lol). Keep this up, bro – I love it.

    1. Glad to hear it. Honestly, I’ve been going through this reboot thinking “my God, why didn’t I do it this way from the start?”

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