John Carradine
Joi Landsin
Judy Jordan
Robert F. Slatzer

James Gordon White
Robert F. Slatzer
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First posted in a different form on June 10, 2012


Let’s see if you’ve heard this one before.  A traveling con artist and his cousin enter the woods and happen upon proof of the fabled Bigfoot living in the woods.  At the same time, a young biker loses his girl to what seems like a similar creature.  In the fullness of time the three unite to solve this age-old mystery once and for all.

While it sounds like a lot of different monster movies, it eventually boils down into a King Kong clone.  It takes place in the woods instead of a Lost World, and bikers instead of dinosaurs. Or… or something like that.

The important part is that this comes close to being one of the better Z-grade feature.   Because it’s coherent.  And yes, that’s a big selling point.  Watch enough Z-grade flicks, see how quick that begins to matter.

What kills it is, though, is what usually kills this grade of picture: padding, cardboard characters, odd editing choices, and frankly bad acting (Carradine and John Mitchum being noticeable (if hammy) exception). Thrills or excitement might be absent for the adult viewer. Kids might like it–for instance I seem to recall being quite fond of it as a child–but don’t be too shocked if they don’t. (0.5 points)

While I did just bad mouth it in the last paragraph, I have to confess that I did like this film (1.5 point).  Unlike many other of his movies, there’s plenty of Carradine to go around, and the old boy could  be quite entertaining when the spirit possessed him.  I fear, though, this is a Cullen movie, and thus I’m also giving it a mild NOT RECOMMEND if you’re not a big Carradine fan.

And into padding.

And bad monster suits.


Score: 2 points out of a possible 4 (-_-)p

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