It! The Terror From Beyond Space

Marshall Thompson
Shirley Patterson
Kim Spalding
Jerome Bixby
Edward L. Cahn
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on July 20, 2012


It! The Terror From Beyond Space  is the story of a rescue ship returning from the planet Mars.  They’ve just picked up the only survivor of the earlier expedition, who they intend to see to Earth for trial and execution.  Unfortunately for them, proof of his innocence has decided to stow away on their rocket.

So.  Alien on a spaceship heading to Earth, killing the crew.  Sounds a wee bit familiar, doesn’t it?  Well it should, as many think this an ancestors of the Sci Fi Classic Alien.

It! The Terror From Beyond Space is in it’s own right a classic.  Not that it’s problem free, mind.  Watching it, you’ll see several shocking lapses in logic and minor monster suit issues.  Outside that, though, the acting and direction are at least competent, and at a lean 69 minutes it doesn’t waste a lot of time.  All in all, it’s one of the better Hollywood Space Outings, especially considering the time period.

While more modern films definitely have it beat, don’t let that stop you from see in a good one from a simpler time (1.5 points). I’m rather fond of it myself (1.5 points), and will no doubt be revisiting it soon.

Total: 3 out of a possible 4 points

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  1. henrybrennan says:

    That costume must have been awkward and uncomfortable. Notice how, at the beginning of movie – when you only saw a shadow of the creature on the wall, the monster’s shadow sports a really big nose (obviously the mask was not being worn). Of course, with the mask on, there was virtually no nose!

    1. Didn’t notice it at all, though it does give me an excuse to go back and watch the flick again.

      Not that I needed one, mind…

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