The Dark Crystal

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Stephen Garlicl

Lisa Maxwell

Billie Whitelaw
David Odell
Jim Henson

Frank Oz
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March 27, 2015

The Dark Crystal, for me, is one of those movies. The kind of film you watch over and over with the same love and affection you had the first time you say it. Sort of like Casablanca, the original Star Wars, and Blood Freak.

Okay, maybe not Blood Freak. But you see my point. It’s a favorite around these parts. From childhood.

I’m not at the “quoting long sections of the flick” stage, but damn close.

You’d expect a different sort of treatment of this film compared to the rest, but that wouldn’t be fair to such films as Cathy’s Curse and Night Evelyn Came from the Grave and…

Wait, why am I being snarky again?

A quick word about this film. The Dark Crystal is the creation of Jim Henson and Frank Oz, creators of the Muppets, as well as Brian Froud, writer of the classic book Fairies. It’s intended to do God’s work, aka give kids a good scare while telling an entertaining story. Whether or not kids actually found it frightening (I was watching classic Horror flicks when the chance arose by that point), it succeeds in creating a unique looking world filled with interesting creatures.

Some have said the story is a collection of clichés, but come on. It is a fairy tale. Fairy tales stick to the familiar tropes hot and heavy any…

Oops. Slipped into review mode already.  That starts on the next page, where we learn if a grown up nerd can actually poke fun of something he’s adored for years without his inner child bursting into tears. It’ll be a blast.

Um.  Maybe.

Imma gonna need a lot of Kleenex for Inner Child Cullen, ain’t I?


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