Friday the 13th (2009)

Jared Padalecki

Danielle Panabaker

Amanda Righettie
Damian Shannon

Mark Swift
Marcus Nispel
WRC Score:

Friday the 13th presents the age-old story of a man protecting his land from intruders.  In this case, though, the man in question is the monstrous killer Jason Voorhees, and the intruders are young folk looking for a good time who would gladly leave if he asked politely.  Which, of course, he never does.

Now, what do I think about this flick?

On the surface Friday the 13th is just another Horror flick to add to the lists, one on first glance better put together than most. It has a competent cast, its well-directed and well shot, and its effects are effective.

When compared to other Friday the 13th movies, it might well be the best made. It also might be the best Horror remake this century. Not that the competition is that hot and heavy, mind.

That said, it’s not the greatest Slasher flick running around. Too many characters, not enough characterization. Too much time wasted at the beginning that could have been better spent elsewhere. The usual crap where Jason pops up wherever he needs to be to do his killing, even if it defies all logic.

This is, of course, standard for the series. But with all the other good bits here and there, it really stands out and, I think, hurts the film. Maybe not as you watch, but definitely after. Not a bad film, but definitely not a good one, either (1 Point).

As for what I feel about the film, well, I want to like it a lot more than I actually do like it. Watching it and reflecting on it, I find it doesn’t have the same charm for me as the original series films. Nor is it really better enough for my tastes (1 point). Given a choice, and despite its quality, I’d probably watch the old ones over the new.

Score: 2 points out of a possible 4

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  1. henrybrennan says:

    Hey Cullen,

    I really like the new format. Your site is shaping up to be a “go to” site for reviews. And I know what I’m talking about (I forwarded a recent oDesk email, as well.) Well done, sir.


    1. I do, too. One of the bennies of it being that revision is a whole lot easier with fewer pages to go scanning through.

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