Also Called:
Cathy’s Curse
Alan Scarfe

Beverely Murray

Randi Allen
Myra Clêment

Eddy Malton

Alain Sens-Cazenave
Eddy Matalon
WRC Score:

First posted in
a different form
on July 18, 2013.2016-link box-001

Cauchemares (also known as Cathy’s Curse) is the story about a man who learns the truth about the old adage “You can never go home again.”  Mainly that if you do, you risk having your only child possessed by the murderous ghost of your elder sibling.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

This isn’t by any stretch of the imagination an original flick.  It takes from better possession films and leaves very little in return, if anything at all.  Most views would most likely drop it into the “Pass” file and move cheerfully along with their lives.

Not me, however. For some reason I’ve decided to review it twice.

And now three times.  Because I’m that way.  Apparently.

That said, I must confess that the first time I watched Cauchemares I went away charmed with the flick.  Why escapes me, but whatever the reason it wasn’t enough to watch it again for fun.  Just enough to confess to liking it when the opportunity arose.  Which was far more often than one might have thought.

Watching it a second time, however, I noticed the poor acting more, the lack of verve in the direction, and other flaws.  Not that these escaped my attention the first time, I hasten to add.  They just stuck out more.  Like some one jabbed the pins in a little deeper.

While this made it a chore to sit through at times, some of that first fondness did return.  Right at the end.  Where it did as little good as possible.

As I did say this was the third review, you might expect me to mention how that run went, but ha ha on you, I didn’t watch it a third time, I just rewrote the second review.

I’ve always been a disappointment to those who know me.  Why should I stop now?

I don’t ever intend to watch Cauchemares again.  That might be telling and it might not.  Score wise, I think Cauchemares/Cathy’s Curse is a mediocre film, albeit one on the very cusp of being bad (1 point).  Likewise I still have fond memories of the film despite the second viewing spoiling them (1.5 points).  I see enough wrong with it, though, that I feel a Not Recommended is in order.

Score: 2.5 points out of a possible 4 (-_-) p

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