For the curious:

This site is going through a sort of reboot.  When it restarts, I will be publishing weekly studies of various films.  Basically the way things have been, but broken down into smaller chunks instead of one massive mutlipage offering.

Ideally I’m planing a new review between each revised (and in some case rewatched) old reviews.  So, every week will have content.

The main page, this page, will contain current news related to this blog.  This includes the movie for the current week as well as what (hopefully) is coming next.  I reserve the right to make changes on whim and, occasionally, with good reason.

Thus will be the schedule for further notice:

  • Each Monday begins a new movie review series, starting with an untitled Opening consisting of a Spoiler Free Review (a basic talk about the film), a General Notes (consisting of a poster and a few pertinent facts about the film), an Opening Thoughts (giving either more facts about the film or something dealing with the watching of the film) and links to the entire series.
  • Tuesday has the Review Synopsis go up, which consists of a synopsis written as I watch the film.  Almost raw snark there, with commentary that might not get repeated in the series.  It’s also nearly always the longest section, divided into pages.  Though on at least one occasion I have just a bare basic Summary.  Not the way I want to do things, not the way I plan to do things, but it happened once, so you might see it again.
  • Overlong Review Synopsis might be broken into multiple, a situation that will hopefully prove the exception and not the rule.  So expect the Review Proper, where I analysis (and continue to have fun with) the film, to appear on Wednesday.  These, too, divide into pages, though seldom do they go over two pages in length.
  • Finally we have, shock of shocks, the Final Thoughts post, where I give my final thoughts on the film, goes up on Thursday. With that name who would have thunk it, right? This is usual the shortest part of the series, and thus a particular favorite with my few readers for such reason. I don’t know why that is. It just is.  If I’ve made any notes in the earlier sections, denoted [like this], will appear in an End Notes section here.  Though for the first week they’ll appear at the end of the section they come from.
  • Which leaves Friday a pot luck, assuming things run short.  For now I intend to repost the old essays, as well as the shorter reviews I’ve done.  It might just mean a three-day weekend where I can watch and write a new review/reformat an old one.  Or where I sleep in late.  Who can say?

The old reviews will come more or less in order they were first published.  Meaning I’m revisiting the first movie I watched for this site:  Cauchemares/Cathy’s Curse.

Thrilling, I know.  But with luck I can pull off the seemingly impossible and attached the word “Entertaining” to this movie.  If only in terms of the review.

Everything begins again March 1, 2015.  Thank you for your time.

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